Linwood Taxidermy

Linwood Taxidermy is one of Michigan's top taxidermist and deer processor.  Located in Linwood, Michigan, in the heart of Mid Michigan, Linwood Taxidermy's studio and processing center handles animals from local whitetail and brook trout to international safari hunts.  

If you're looking for professional animal scenes or want a full shoulder mount of your first buck, Linwood Taxidermy is the best place to go!  Contact us today at: (989) 239-8801 to get started on preserving your most recent hunting memories. 

​~About the Taxidermist~

Scott has been in the taxidermy industry for over 17 years – but before taxidermy, he always had a deep love for the outdoors and hunting. Scott enjoys hunting everything from small game to ducks, geese, deer, and bear, from his home state of Michigan, to Canada, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Montana, and Colorado. He also enjoys fishing, including deep sea fishing.

In his career, Scott has harvested caribou, bear, antelope, muledeer, whitetail, geese, different species of ducks, salmon, steelhead, lake trout, all types of warm water fish, and many more types of animals. His love of the outdoors drew him to study animals in their natural habitat, which is apparent in his taxidermy work. Scott knows the animals, their stance and posing, and notices every detail down to the smallest, most intricate ones. His goal in every animal he touches is to preserve it too look natural and realistic. As his client, you can trust that your animal will come back looking how it did in the field, water, or any other habitat.

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